Valentine's Day is coming up soon, and before you know it, it's here!
I know a lot of people are stressing out to find the perfect gift for their special someone and often,
end up with more or less the same thing every year.
This year I want to share with you something creative that you may have not even known existed,
or thought of.
I hope this collection of gifts this year will assist you in finding the perfect gift
that will touch the hearts of your special one and bring on that smile on their face.

Note: Limited orders only.
Every single gift will be carefully handcrafted and prepared according to your requests.
Therefore, the price may vary depending on your orders.
Orders closed by 5th February 2011.

1. Floral Cupcakes
Instead of spending a fortune on bouquets every year which won't last a mere 4 days,
why don't you pick a gorgeous scrumptious floral cupcake bouquet that she will sink her teeth into,
and enjoy the exquisite taste of every cupcake?
Its gives both pleasure to the eyes and to the mouth.
Optional cupcake toppers.
- Fresh flowers
(any flower you like provided by the local florist)
-Fondant flowers
(carefully handcrafted to suit your preference)
-Buttercream flowers
(carefully piped to suit your preference)
Optional bases
(ribbons included)

Each set will be given the most careful details according to your requests.
Flavors will only be available in vanilla and chocolate.


2. Cookie Hearts
Indulge your loved ones in these mouth watering cookie hearts,
each carefully drawn and designed to awe your recipient.
Orders available only for 5 cookies and above.

Optional bases
(ribbons included)

You can include your own personal message as well.
Limited to 20 characters per cookie.

Any additional decoratives such as
teddy bears,
fresh flowers,
or even your own special gift
can be specially requested and arranged.

If you would like to personalize your love hampers or bigger gift baskets
(RM500 and above),
with a mixture of cakes, cupcakes and cookies,
please contact me personally at

Make your loved one feel special this year.

Please feel free to drop me an email or sms for inquiries on price and such.
(first come first serve basis)
Thank you for your support!


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