Grandma's Gambling Cake

So everyone was telling me 2 weeks before grandma's birthday
'Can u make grandma's cake??'
'can u make grandma's cake extra special?'
'can u add coffee to grandma's cake?'
'can u add grandma's chinese playing cards?'
'can u add prosperity peaches?'
'what about customizing her a cupcake booth?'

no, I went for the cupcake stand instead.

Final product!

Alden munching on the cuppies even before the birthday song was sang.

Cupcakes for grandma's birthday.
First one from top.
American chocolate with peanut butter ganache, topped with smooth peanut butter cream and chocolate scrapes.
Second one
Vanilla cupcakes with yam and coconut.
Last one
French vanilla rose cupcakes.

Grandma's final cake.
If you noticed, the entire cake is actually a small coffee table.
I added her chinese playing cards,
prosperity peaches,
a cup of coffee made from cupcakes,
her favorite cookie made from fondant sitting at the side,
a fondant table doyley
(the piece of white cloth which I created using hand because I lost my pattern stamp)
and her finger sponge.

Close view.
The chinese cards were handpainted.
Took me painstakingly 2 hours!
notice the tiny chinese characters in the middle?
those took quite some time to get it right.

from here u can see the white doyley,
the patterns are created by me using suprisingly, tooth pick.
took the hard way out because I couldn't find my pattern stamp!

the cupcake stand I handmade.
Those who wants to buy cupcake stands, please place your orders 2 months before.

together with the cupcakes.

My family with grandma.
Without Ronald and my dad though, because they went travelling.

Next week,
BIKINI BOTTOM 2 tier birthday cake
ANIME faces cupcakes.

Stay tuned!


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