Chloe's Winnie the Pooh and Friends!

I baked these for Chloe's birthday, specially requested from my lady boss whom I worked for at Pick and Pack last time when I was free.
Talking about Pick and Pack, I miss working there.
That is when all the magic happens,
when I drown myself in the amidst of arts and crafts,
I was brought away to another world of creativity without realizing the time.

This is American Chocolate.
She also requested for 50 Winnie The Pooh lollipop cookies,
I baked nestum shortbread for her.
It's sad that the photos of the cookies aren't with me right now, so I can't upload it yet.

A little tree house with a pond, mushrooms, stones, fences, grass, flowers,
winnie the pooh with his honey pot,
piglet and eeyore.
I made tigger already, but I couldn't fit it in the cake.
And it would be sad to leave tigger sitting on the sandy floor, won't it?
Happy Birthday to my sweetiepie Chloe =)

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