Alden's Bathtub Cake

So its finally Alden's birthday again!
I made this cake for him with the bathtub theme
to represent him when he baths,
with his rubber ducky floating around.

I baked him a mixed fruit hollander baby milk cake.

Thats Alden with his rubber ducky.

The view of the wooden bathtub, the tiled floor, towels, ducky, bubbles and shampoo.

Happy Birthday Alden!

Baby Alden cutting his cake.
This is his 2nd birthday celebration.
That's me, Jasmine, aunt Helen and baby Alden.
He's having a great time with his cousins who all came back to visit grandpa this time round.

My assignments are pilling up,
its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now,
because of how much work there is to do!

There's still 7 more cakes left to do by April.
Wish me luck okay!!

Stay tuned girlss.

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