Lorraine's Pink Fairytale Birthday

From Florida to her daughter Lorraine.
The whole thing starts off with layering her american chocolate cake with fresh strawberries.
2 layers of strawberries with dark chocolate ganache.

The covering of the cake with generous amount of dark chocolate ganache.

Her dark chocolate with peanut butter ganache cupcakes.
Topped with of course, fresh strawberries,
which are carefully coated with a generous amount of piping jelly.

After all that is done, it was time to decorate the cake,
cupcakes and her cupcake stand.

Lorraine's 17th birthday cake.

The finished product, before the cupcake stand pillars were decorated though.

Everything done, and properly set-up at the place of party,
with cute little candles that Florida personally purchased.

Its time for me to take a break for my trip.
Coming back soon for more goodies!
Stay tuneeddddd!!

Lots of love.

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