Kelvin's Bar Cake

First of all, Happy 29th Birthday to Mr Kelvin Sim!
Of course, I'm honoured to be given the privilege to design his 29th birthday cake,
especially when its specially requested by my bff, Miss Graclyn Sun!

Well, took me some time to actually came up with a proper idea for his cake.
My given task was to design any cake which is 'bar' themed with drinks.
In the end, after 10 whole hours, I came up with this.

I'm gonna be honest here,
I was a bit disappointed at myself after delivering the cake,
because I was paying so much attention to the details and shaping the cake and cutting it off bit by bit,
until the cake became so little!
I was lucky because we have cupcakes to be eaten as well.

The cupcake with draught beer.
Vanilla cupcake with chocolate filling.

This cake is fully edible,
except for these two walls which were combined using the same base.

The cake is made with fondant and royal icing for the bricks, wordings, wine, beer cans and draught beer.

The happy couple.
It was a huge relief that they liked it =)

I'm working next on an Anna Sui project themed cake as well, stay tuned for it!
Next week we'll have 30 different princess lemon shortbread,
as well as the legendary Thomas The Train birthday cake for our dear Crystal.

Hang in there!

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