Lamborgini Murcielago and Disney Princess

I received a special request from a friend of a friend last week.
A lamborgini murcielago cake.

So I started off with sculpting and shaping the cake.
It was quite tricky because the length of the cake was shorter that I have expected.
So anyway, after sculpting it I iced it with chocolate ganache.

After that, I covered the car with fondant.
I wanted to dust it with gold dust to give it the shimmery effect.
Unfortunately, I bought the gold dust and left it at the store! =(

Cut off the windows.
Later on you will view the finished product =)

At the same time, the cousin of the birthday boy was celebrating her 7th birthday as well.
And she requested for a disney princess cake.
This is the cake without the figurines and pillars.

I went earlier to the party for table set up.
Both cakes next to each other.

the back of the car cake.

Abigail and Enrique

Abigail and I


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