Karmen's Anna Sui Themed Cake

I made this cake especially for Karmen for her 18th birthday.
The lower tier is american chocolate.
The 2nd tier is vanilla and chocolate sponge.
Cake is covered with fondant roses as well as royal icing as
the lace that took me painstakingly 1 hour to draw.

Happy faces.

Birthday girl in the middle.

Cupcakes for the birthday girl.
I personally customized the cupcake cups for her.
First tier is French Vanilla Rose cupcake.
Second tier is chocolate coconut cupcake.
Cupcakes are also customized to suit her taste.

That is Ronald, Me and the birthday girl.

I'm sorry to those whom I couldn't take your orders anymore for the past few weeks.
My schedule was completely packed with uni assignments, work and orders.
I couldn't possibly take more order because I usually spend an average time of 3-5 hours per cake.
Otherwise you can let me know few weeks earlier so I can do more research and arrange my schedule to fit your order.
Thank you.


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