Bikini Bottom with a twist!

Remember the Bikini Bottom cake I promised?
Here it is!
With a twist tho.
There is no Spongebob,
but instead replaced with Stitch!
As requested by Mr Reuben.

From Reuben to Lyn for her 18th birthday.
Two tiered american chocolate.
This is Patrick, along with starfishes and seaweeds.

There is Stitch sitting on the palm tree with the signboard saying
'Lyn's Island'.
Then there's Patrick, Gary, Mr Krab, Plankton and Squidward.

The entire cake together with the cuppies.
The cuppies are made with Hershey's chocolate.

With seashells and jellyfishes and seaweeds and corals, sands, stones, etc.

Not forgetting

Hope you all liked it!~
Next coming up,
a whole bunch of baby shower cupcakes.
180 cuppies.
Then The Little Mermaid themed cake,
and Snow White and the seven dwards cake with a huge castle,
together with little dwarfs sitting on cupcakes.
Stay TUNED!!


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