My 21st Birthday Cakes

Chef Lawrence specially prepared a cheesecake for me at The Eatery, Four Points, Sheraton.

It was heavenly.

Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe.
From Tracy Ling.

Mini Cupcakes from my cousin Ah Ting.

Cupcakes for Celia.

Cupcakes during my birthday.
A 3 tier cupcake stand for pink themed cupcakes.
and a 2 tier cupcake stand for blue themed cupcakes.

The blue ones.
Fondant cupcakes.

Pink roses.

A closer view.

My 21st Birthday Key Cake from Wilson Bakery specially done by Wilson.
This one will set you back around RM 80 only.
Fresh cream chocolate spongecake.

This one is from Olive Bakery from Cinthy Yii.
It's a BlackForest Chocolate Fondant Cake.
In a shape of a pair of slippers!

American Chocolate Fondant Cake
from Wilson Bakery specially done by Wilson.
Design from HotCakes.
This one will set u back at RM 380.

Cutting the cake.

American Chocolate.
Very very very nice.

when the straps are still shape.
I kinda broke it.

Thats all. =)


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