Teddy goes for a DELICIOUS PICNIC!

I made this cake especially for Michelle for her birthday.
I have no idea what she likes except the fact that she love teddies and vampire diaries.
I wanted to bake her a vampire diaries cake but unfortunately, I ran out of black fondant!

So switch of plan.
Plan B.
Her teddy bear cake.
She is very petite and girly,
so I baked her a very pink and feminine-ish cake.
On the top tier, teddy bear with heart, with mini birthday cakes, cupcakes, doughtnuts, picnic cloth and hankies.

Top tier is butter cake.
Bottom, american choc.

Believe it or not, I rushed for this cake like mad!
I was so burdened with assignments that I hadn't had time to sleep the night before.
Went to uni and finished off the last bit of assignments and finally rendered my 3D animations.
Rushed home at 6pm,
got this cake ready in AN HOUR,
and rushed to shower and straight to TWO dinner parties.
Mad schedule!
Luckily, I baked the butter and american chocolate cakes a the morning before!
So all I had was to put it all together.

Must be in the record for the fastest cake I've evr made.
Thus a bit of minor mistakes and imperfect balls.
By 7.30pm, its already sitting on the dinner table =)

Thats us, after an hour of mad rush.

Not forgetting BABY ALDEN!
He goes 'Baby, baby,baby-OOOOoooH!' everytime u wanna steal his things.
Too cute.
A little boy that got 18 cars and a remote control Mercedez Benz for his birthday.
what do you think?
and yes,
he lovesssssss Disney cars.

in 2 days time, Winnie the Pooh and friends, cookies and cakes.
lots of love

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