Mahjong and Weddings

Wedding Anniversary cupcake bouquet.
By Alexandra.
Theme: Bride and Groom
Vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting.

Took me 4 hours to get everything done.
I stayed up until 3am.

Fondant, coconut flakes and gold pearls.

Now this mahjong cake,
is specially for my foster dad.
He loves mahjong, so thus the cake.
American chocolate.

I couldve made the mahjong standing up.
Actually that was my initial plan.
But I have one very big flaw.
I can't write chinese.
I attempted, but it looked a bit off.
So I decided to just put everything lying face down.

I was really happy that it took them only half an hour to finish the whole cake.

4 more major cake projects coming up.
Wish me luck girls! =)

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