Winnie's 21st Birthday Cake

From Jonathan to Winnie for her 21st birthday.

Initially the idea of this cake was to collaborate butterflies in pink shades.
And then the shopaholic idea came along.
So I created this 2 tier cake that combines both shopaholic themed with butterflies and arranged it in a way to make it work.

The key is also made out of fondant, air dried and brushed with edible gold dust.

The little mini shops alongside her cake and miniature designer handbags.

another shop.

the back of the alley.

This cake is taken from the actual birthday scene.
Shots courtesy of Michael Kon.

Finally, the birthday girl Winnie with her cake.

They had a blast.
I could hear their hysterical laughter, screams, etc all the way from Mr Ho's.
It so happens that I was having dinner with my friends while they're having a party next door.

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