Hello MSB fans! We are truly sorry for not having the time to update on our blog for so long. Our schedules are very packed lately with orders, roadshows, classes and also working hard on our new studio. We will be expanding next year and will no longer be homebased. However, please keep updated with us through our facebook page as we are constantly uploading our latest work and projects there. Thanks guys! God bless.



We have very GREAT NEWS!
My Sugar Bakes spent months revamping and constantly experimenting with new flavors. Today is finally it!
We officially launch all our 14 new flavors,
including 2 ALCOHOLIC ones! *chuckles*
And before you forget,
please support our newly launched
for latest updates on designs, flavors, events, etc.
Here is the list of our newly launched flavors!



Classic caramel vanilla cupcake, this buttery vanilla cupcake is topped with a fluffy vanilla frosting with a hint of caramel.


A rich dark chocolate peanut butter cupcake, topped with smooth, creamy, decadent peanut butter frosting.


Our decadent moist Hershey's dark chocolate cupcake sprinkled with dark chocolate shavings, baked to perfection. A chocolate lovers heaven!


Traditional red velvet cupcake, a smooth and light cocoa cake that melts in your mouth! Topped with cream cheese and mascarpone. A true affair.


Blue velvet cupcake, a new twist on the traditional red velvet cake, this cake is super moist and fluffy, topped with cream cheese, mascorpone and a hint of cinnamon! Try it and you will crave for more!


Snuggle up with this super moist nutritious carrot cupcake, with a feathery light cream cheese frosting, dusted with a hint of cinnamon and spices. Simply to die for!


A touch of lemon and lime in this cupcake gives a sweet awakening of spring! The lemony frosting will definitely keep you refreshed.


An old fashioned ginger cupcake, with crystallized ginger that gives them a lovely little zing!


A delicious and rich banana cupcake with fresh aromatic cinnamon frosting.


Orange poppyseed cupcake topped with fresh orange zest and poppyseed frosting. Simply scrumptious!


Italian expresso cupcake topped with rich and creamy coffee cheese frosting. Perfect for coffee lovers!


Classic buttery vanilla cupcake with our rich dark chocolate ganache. Best of both worlds!


Delicate green tea infused cupcake that is topped with fragrant green tea frosting. Light and mellow, perfect for green tea lovers!


A fluffy strawberry vanilla cupcake, topped with creamy, pureed strawberry frosting!



Rum infused pineapple coconut cupcake, iced with coconut rum frosting. Add in some pineapple and coconut, top with an umbrella, and you'll think you're on the beach!


An aromatic cupcake packed with walnuts, almonds and pecans, with a twist of cinnamon, all spice, cloves and nutmeg, with an orgasmic spill of Remy Martin brandy. A must-try!

Cake flavors include;

Basic Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Frosting

Pure American Chocolate

Banana Cake with Cinnamon Vanilla Frosting

Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Blue Velvet Cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Vanilla Sponge with Chocolate Ganache

Last but not least, we have 2 more surprises for you! First of all, catch us at The Spring Shopping Mall from April 2nd- April 8th, there you can try all our cupcake flavors for FREE before deciding which one to get~!

We are also working on a crazy detailed cake on the famous DOTA game! Wait for it!

Have a great day!

Cut The Rope cake

Most of you prolly know what cake this is, its from the popular game on Iphone, Cut The Rope with Omnom, the little green fella as the main character. I also incorporated the spider, the stars and the candy as well. I couldnt do much with the cake because it is a small cake requested by a good friend of mine for 2.

Closer view


Made this little fella 4 times.
Finally got the perfect one!

Fairies and Pixiedust!

Audrey ordered this for her cute baby daughter who is turning 1.
Theme: Fairies and garden and something for a one yr old baby girl?

much love <3

Forex, Candles and definitely more PIPS!

If any of you does trading you will definitely know what this cake is all about!
From Adeline to Marcus, a young talented and successful trading person, as well as Adeline herself.
She requested for this cake but did the writing by herself to show her sincerity.

Here's Adeline with her cake.
Not bad for a first timer, aye?

Amanda, Alyssa and Ribbons!

From Alyssa to her sister Amanda with <3

Spongebob and Patrick

Another set of Bikini Bottom cuppies ordered from Meii.

Elton's Old Master Q cake

Another special request from my girl Lavinia for her boyfriend Elton who happens
to loveeeeeeeee reading Master Q comics.
So here is a cake for him, I've incorporated romance and Master Q together.
So in a way Master Q represents Elton, and the girl (I imitated the girl from the comic book) who is supposed to represent Lavinia.

Before I added checkers to his trousers.

Closer view.

Happy birthday once again, Elton!

Happy Beersday Natalie!

From Alaister to Natalie.
Pure american choco at the bottom,
special request of choco cheese on top.

She turns 26 and is lovin it!~
Gave it a bit of wood texture at the bottom to add to the old beer barrel feel to it.


Hello everyone, we'd just like to say that we DO NOT do any postage or delivery outside Kuching, Sarawak area at the moment, because the cakes and cupcakes are too fragile to be shipped anywhere, however, thank you for your support and meanwhile, we will do our best to find our way around on how we could transport our cakes to your area!

Have a nice day and God bless you all!


It was a special birthday for a special friend, therefore I decided to bake her a special cake,
all in 1 cake to present everything she loves,
from her obsession with Chanel perfumes, to custom made Longchamp's, boxes, jewelleries, roses, Biotherm products, etc.

A rather special cake because this is banana cake with vanilla frosting.

Notice the bag? =) A miniature version cake of her bag.

Van's Angry Birds!

Yet, another angry birds birthday cake!
From Vanessa to Dolly.

Hello Kitty and Smurfs

From Donella to her student, Anna Sui.
Hello Kitty themed with little smurfs.

Jasper's Toyota Wish

Jaspers pure american chocolate Toyota Wish.

Floral and Laced

Vanilla and banana cake,
with floral and lace,
specially for Tim and Phil's mum.

I'm Sorry Cupcakes

Need something that speaks louder than words?
Why not go for cupcakes?
I'm sure no girl's would resist this.

Crowned Princess

From Milberht to her friend,
crowned princess themed.

Mix and Match

From a customer who wished to have her cupcakes a mix of everything =)

Pororo Cupcakes

From Savina to her boy.
Pororo themed cupcakes.

The little penguin and the little dino. =)


9 simple pig cuppies for Milberht.

9 little pigs =)

Plant VS Zombies!

Another one of the fans of Plants VS Zombies,
a rather simple one, to not overcrowd the 9 pcs of dark chocolate cupcakes.

It was really a hit! =)

Hello Kitty Cupcakes

For one of Donella's students,
Hello Kitty themed cupcakes.

Michelle's Pooh Cake

From Baron to Michelle.
Winnie the Pooh themed cake.
Pure american chocolate with an extra layers of chocolate ganache inside.

I designed Pooh having a picnic.

With a birthday cake, sandwiches, a basket full of fruits, a picnic mat of of course, his famous HUNNY!

Happy Birthday Michelle!
Have a great one!

Lesley's Wine Beer Bicycle cake

So Lesley came to me and asked me to design a cake with
Trivento Wine
Heineken Beer
and a Bicycle

Apparently, this cake is for 3 birthday boys.

So I came up with this design.

The entire thing is american chocolate cake.
Including the wine and beer.

A closer view.

Pure American Chocolate cake

Before the cake was fully covered.

This cake weight approximate 4.5kgs.
It was a huge cake.
Happy that everyone loved it.

New Angry Birds

Another fan of Angry Birds!
It has been a crazy angry birds year ain't it?
From Fenggy to Shyang.

Don't worry though, I don't make 2 of the same batch of cupcakes design.
Eventhough it is the same theme.
Have a great day, everyone!


From Melissa to her best friend Mandy.
She lovess the smurfs, so Melissa asked me to make smurfs cupcakes for her.

Dark chocolate peanut butter.
The whole smurf family.

And then, for Suleen.
These are from me to her as part of her birthday present.

Themed with Smurf Village's mushrooms, flowers, grass, etc.

In their own packing now.

I cant resist these.
Too cute, right?
Will definitely make more of these next time.


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