Crystals 7th Birthday

On the third day of CNY,
I was officially summoned by my aunt to make a special birthday cake for my baby cousin Crystal
who turned 7.
She specially requested Thomas the Train cake,
but in the end changed her mind to Disney Cars.
She also wanted me to mix and match mushrooms and ladybugs on her cake.

So I came up with this.

The car was sculpted from fondant.

Ok here goes my mistake.
I was lucky my baby cousin wasnt fussy.
I was so sleepy while doing this cake that I forgot to write Lightning Mcqueen on the front of the car!

I need to thank my cousin Claudia for waking me up and accompanying me while everyone were still sleeping.
I slept at 4am the night before and hadta wake up 3 hours later to finish this cake.

They're from Singapore.
Crystal's first birthday in Kuching so I made it extra special for her!
She super loved the cake and was so excited, she couldn't wait to dress up and cut it!

My super adorable cousins.
Thats baby Joslyn, me, Crystal, aunt Shereen and Alden.
My grandmummy requested a poker cake, Karmen requested for Audrey Hepburns perfume bottle, Keeve requested for a sculpted head of his principle, my stepdad requested for Benjamin Franklin's cake, Claudia requested for a pillow tiara princess cake, and my boyfriend wanted a car garage cake.
Oh dear.
And several more that I have forgotten.
There were many many weird requests.
The consequences of making your 7 year old cousin a birthday cake during Chinese New Year when everybody was there.

My pretty girl.

The first tier would be american chocolate,
2nd tier chocolate sponge.
I layered the first layer with brown sugar to represent sand, and the theme was more to desert like, while the 2nd tier I decorated with green grass and blue sky with mushrooms, owl, fences, ladybird and balloons.

Hurry up for the Vday orders before its full yea?
Thanks for ur support guys!

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