So I was pretty busy for the past month with more cake orders.

This is Jasmine and Rachel's 15th Birthday Cake.
Their theme would be pink chocolate rosey polkadots.
Chocolate vanilla sponge.

I put a huge bow as the cake topper.

This cake is done using snow ice fondant.

Tessa's 2nd birthday cake.
Barnyard animals.
I gave it the most details it could possibly have.
It has little wooden gates with an apple tree, together with a duck pond, a pig sty, caterpillars, ladubug, worm, a dog and a bone, an elephant, a heart bear, a rabbit, two owls, rocks, ducks, pigs, flowers and stones.

They specially requested for pandan filling.

Initially when the cake was completely bare.
I used sky blue fondant.

Cecelia's boyfriends 25th birthday.
My task was to make a cake which consists of gym equiments,worms, cars, and hearts.
The most difficult part was to make it look CUTE.
This was what I came out with.
She specially requested tiramisu, but due to the weight of the fondant, it was quite impossible.
Finally she settled with coffee flavored cake.

There are roads and worms too.

House group gathering.
For my house group members from church with all their names carefully written on each cookie.
Vanilla cinnamon shortbread cookies.

9 chocolate coconut cupcakes for a lazy Sunday afternoon. =)

Please give in your orders at least 1 month before ordering date for customized cakes.
Thanks for your support guys.
With love.


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