Wild Mushrooms and Presents

Kelly's birthday cupcakes.
She didn't give a specific hint, she just said she wanted something for a girl's birthday.
So I came up with presents, ribbons, flowers and hearts.
Flavor: French Vanilla with Vanilla cream.

Ribbons tied in a different style.

Little bundles of presents.

From Thing-Thing to Hui Tang.
Wild mushroom cupcakes.
Flavour:American Chocolate with chocolate ganache frosting.

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James Bond birthday cake
A Gamblers cake
Winnie the Pooh cookies and birthday cake set
Purple Dream cupcakes
A little boys Bathtub Cake
Mich's Shopaholic cake
Branded Handbags cupcakes
Principals birthday cake
Bikini Bottom Cake with Spongebob cupcakes.

Dont miss all these for March and April's post!


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