Cupcake Bouquets!

Hi girls, I'm back.
I'm really proud to say that cupcake bouquets has been a major hit ever since the last vday sales.
Who could resist those sweet little packages that is not only a feast for ur tastebuds, but also looks amazingly stunning?

I have quite a number of orders for cupcake bouquets for the past week.
However, I did not manage to snap photos of each and everyone of them.
These are a few, at least =)

Fondant roses I prepared a night before.

For Jamie to Beng.
Bears with hearts and roses.
French vanilla with vanilla cream.
I put it together with checkered patterned flower pot and decorations.

From aunt Devlin to her retired boss.
Cupcake roses.
I did not wanna over-do it, so I made smaller mixture of roses instead with several shadings of red and pink.

Lots more cupcakes coming up your way! =)


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