Valentine's Day 2011

Valentine's day orders kept me up 3 nights in a row.
I had to stay up to bake, to wrap and to arrange them properly.

A lot of people ordered bouquets with cupcakes, chocolates, roses, cookies and gifts.
Everything's in.
All in 1.
Delivery day.

Cookie hearts on sticks.
Before it was decorated.

This is Pat's.
Specially selected Cadbury chocolates.

Jillian's bouquet number 2.
Red velvet + dark chocolate.

From her sweet husband.

Vday cookie hearts, Ferrero's, Lindors and Lindt's.

Daniel's cookie pot.

Cookie basket.
Lemon shortbread cookies topped with snow ice fondant.


She wanted a lovey dovey themed so I made all the little animals a little love drunk.


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