Sugar Bakes Part 1

Jasmine's 13th birthday cake.

Christmas's Gingerbread house

Creme brulee.

Moist Chocolate Cake

Valentine's Day Sales!
Fresh from the oven

Fondant cakes...

more cupcakes...
Took me 5 hours to make everything!

Stella and Mervin helped decorate...

Vday cookie orders...

Chocolate chip cookie...

Customized cookie with messages =)

Darker red.

My first batch.
Wasn't as nice as I've expected.
Some burnt ones... Fail =(

Christmas Cookie Angels

My latest batch of cupcakes.
For Tracie.

For Alvin's birthday.

Ready to be decorated.

For baby girl...

Alvin's cupcakes...

For Grace's birthday.

A clearer view.

Thats all for now.
I'll bake again when I'm free.
Till then, TATA!


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